Community Development

Located: Skokomish Tribal Center 80 North Tribal Center Road Skokomish Nation, WA 98584

Meeting Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm.
Phone: (360) 426-4232 Direct Line: (360) 877-2018 Fax: (360) 877-5943

Mission Statement

The Community Development Office (CDO) seeks, develops, creates, maximizes and leverages resources on behalf of the Skokomish Tribe and the tribal community.

The Skokomish Tribe has developed and adopted the 2017 Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan. This document will be not be posted online. If you are interested in a copy. Please contact Jack-lyn Smith at or 360-426-4232 ext. 2004.

CDO is responsible for facilities master planning, housing master planning, transportation planning, constructing infrastructure and for writing, reviewing and submitting grants on behalf of the Skokomish Tribe.


Position Staff Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Community Development Office Director Jackie Smith 360-426-4232 x.2004
Planner and Grantwriter Marilyn Dungan 360-426-4232 x.2059
Project Manager Dave Nichols 360-426-4232 x.2052
Engineer-In-Training/ Planner Marty Allen 360-426-4232 x.2019
Community Watch Coordinator Louis Auld 360-426-4232 x.2065