Cultural Resources

Located: Skokomish Tribal Center 80 North Tribal Center Road Skokomish Nation, WA 98584

Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm.
Phone: (360) 426-4232 Fax: (360) 877-5943


Duties of the Cultural Resources Department:

  • Maintain and process archival materials, maintain accurate accession records and conservation schedules.
  • Continue to develop the Tribe’s collection procedures, assuring safe storage and easy access to the Tribe’s valuable materials.
  • Maintain and continue accession/inventory of all tapes (audio and video) and photos in the Tribe’s possession, and develop procedures for the management of these materials.
  • Work with Tribal departments and consortiums to protect tribal cultural resources through the Skokomish Environmental Protection Act (SKEPA) permit process.
  • Facilitate meetings of the Skokomish Culture Committee.
  • Represent the Skokomish Indian Tribe as their authorized representative in all matters relating to repatriation.
  • Maintain an inventory of museums that have Skokomish cultural materials in their collections.
  • Conduct on-site visits to museums that have Skokomish cultural materials in their collections.
  • Curate the Skokomish Tribal Museum collection.
  • Responsible for the incoming and outgoing loans of tribal archive materials and items.
  • Coordinate the sale and stocking of items for sale to the public and to the tribal community.

Some Current Projects of the Cultural Resources Department:

  • Documenting the design and build of canoes for Tribal Journey’s 2004.
  • Submission of a Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) documentation grant.
  • Submission of a three-year language implementation grant through the Administration for Native Americans (ANA).
  • Completing the submission for one property to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Beginning stages of new acquisition and digitizing of Twana language materials.


Position Staff Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Tribal Historic Preservation Officer Kris Miller 360-426-4232 x. 2015
Archivist Jackie Smith 360-426-4232 x.2060