Health Clinic

Located: Skokomish Health Center North 100 Tribal Center Road Skokomish Nation, WA 98584

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm. Physical Fitness Center: Monday to Friday, 9 am. to 5 pm.
Phone: (360) 426-5755 Fax: (360) 877-2399


Health Clinic

Mission Statement

The Skokomish Health Center staff will provide quality services to the people of our community to help them achieve a balanced physical, emotional, mental and spiritual way of life.

Vision Statement

The foundation and heart of our services is centered on the patient and all users of our services. This includes reasonable access, a commitment to excellence, a compassionate respectful attitude and full involvement of patient and family in a teamwork wellness model of care. The Skokomish Health Center develops responsive, cost effective, high quality health care services that meet the needs of the community members. Services are provided in a fair, confidential, professional atmosphere in a clean and safe facility.

What’s New

As of the first of March the Health Center is well on their way to electronic health records.  It has been a quick year with a stiff learning curve for all, but the staff have jumped in with both feet and embraced the process.  We have also added a KIOSK in the waiting room for Medicaid clients to sign up or update their records on their own.    We still have a Health Benefits Department for those who need additional hands on assistance.

Summary of Services Provided

  • Primary Care with one Doctor and one Physician Assistant
  • Women’s Wellness Screening Program
  • Colon Cancer Screening Program
  • Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes Programs
  • Monthly Diabetes Talking Circle and Diabetic Clinic
  • Retinal Eye Exams for Diabetics
  • Podiatry
  • Chiropractor
  • Massage
  • WIC
  • Nutrition Consults
  • Dental
  • On-site dentures
  • Senior meals 3 times per week
  • CHR/Transportation Program
  • Fitness Center
  • Health Benefits to assist with alternate resources


Position Staff Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Health Department Director Denese LaClair 360-426-5755 x.2118
Business Office Assistant Frances Longshore 360-426-5755 x.2120
Referral Coordinator Audry Smith 360-426-5755 x.2102
Contract Health Services (CHS) Program Specialist Myranda Andrews 360-426-5755 x.2106
Clinical Applications Coordinator Karla Miller 360- 426-5755 x.2142
Colon Health Program Vacant
Medical Office Specialist Cassandra Hainline 360-426-5755 x.2100
Medical Office Specialist Edwin Poulin 360 426-5755 x.2104

Skokomish Chemical Dependency Program / Mental Health
N. 551 Reservation Road Skokomish WA 98584
Fax:(360) 877-2090

Behavioral Health Services Manager Leah Niccolocci 360 877-2008 x.2602
Mental Health Clinical Supervisor Tiffany Eklund 360 877-2008 x.2605
Administrative Assistant Sissy Delacruz 360 877-2008 x.2600
Alternative Resources, DSHS  Terri Butler 360 877-2008

Health Care Providers

Medical Director/ARNP Melanie Clauson 360-426-5755
Optometrist (Retinal Eye Exams Only) James Grimes, OD
Chronice Disease/ Diabetes Medical Assistant Vacant 360-426-5755 x.2108
Chiropractor Josef Scott, DC 360-426-5755
Community Health Nurse Vacant 360-426-5755 x.2110


Dental Care Providers

Dentist Dr. Brandon LaDoux 360-426-5755 x.2115
Dental Assistant Bunni Peterson-Haitwas 360-426-5755 x.2114
Dental Assistant Hillary Hoffman 360-426-5755 x.2113


Community Health Representatives (CHR) and Elders’ Lunch Program

Community Health Representative (CHR) Supervisor Perry Carrington 360-426-5755 x.2109
CHR / Elders Coordinator Margie Gouley 360-426-5755 x.2111
CHR Raymond Johns 360-426-5755 x.2117
Senior Lunch Cook Marcy Tinaza 360-877-2627 x.3004
Senior Lunch Cook Assistant Ocean Sparr 360-877-2627 x.3004
Senior Lunch Cook Assistant Brian Miller 360-877-2627 x.3004