Tribal Committees

The Skokomish Tribal Committees. If you would like additional information or would like to serve on a Committee, please submit or email a letter of interest to Darlyn Warren, Executive Secretary for the Skokomish Tribal Council. If there is a vacancy on the committee you wish to be appointed to, your letter will be submitted to the committee and the Tribal Council for consideration.

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Housing Committee:

  • Contact Person – Larry Winders
  • Meeting Schedule – Third Tuesday of every month at time various in the Tribal Center.
  • Vacancies – None
  • Membership – Rita Andrews, Patti LaClair-McFarlane, Lila Vigil, Diane Gouley and Rose James
Fireworks Committee:

  • Contact Person – Tom Strong, Eleanor Smith
  • Meeting Schedule – No Set Schedule. Meet during fireworks season.
  • Vacancies – One (Click here for more information)
  • Membership – Tom Longshore, Gus Twiddy, Travis Twiddy, and Johnny Hawk
Enrollment Committee:

  • Contact Person -Celeste Vigil
  • Vacancies – None
  • Membership – Darlyn Warren, Eleanor Smith, Laila Mendoza, Pattil LeClair-Mcfarlane, Elsie Gamber
Culture and Arts Committee:

  • Contact Person – Kris Miller
  • Meeting Schedule – Second Thursday of each month at 10:00 a.m. in the Tribal Center.
  • Vacancies – None
  • Membership – Celeste Vigil, Carol Cordova, Kris Miller, Winona Plant, and Tom Strong.
Law and Order Committee:

  • Contact Person- Joe Vukich
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule.
  • Vacancies – Two
  • Membership – Kris Miller, Larissa Miller, Rosetta LaClair
Education Committee:

  • Contact Person – David Aubert
  • Meeting Schedule – Fourth Tuesday of each month at 3 pm
  • Vacancies – Two
  • Membership – Myranda Andrews, Terri Twiddy Butler, and Alex Gouley
Fish Committee:

  • Contact Person – Jon Wolf, Harvest Division Manager
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule.
  • Vacancies – None
  • Membership – Winona Plant-Poulin, Brett Peterson, Arthur Gouley, Ed Green and Elena Miller.
Hunting Committee:

  • Contact Person – David Herrera, Fish & Policy Director.
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule.
  • Vacancies – One
  • Membership – Rick Miller Sr., Chairman; Guy Miller; Fred Miller; David Johnston.
Elections Committee:

  • Contact Person – Darlyn Warren
  • Meeting Schedule – No set schedule (meet when needed).
  • Vacancies – None.
    Membership – Patti McFarlane, Augusta Blacketer, Wendy Tulee, Peggy Johnson and Taylor Strong.
Health Committee:

  • Contact Person – Denise Walker, Director
  • Meeting Schedule – Third Wednesday of every month from 8am-11am at the Health Clinic.
  • Vacancies -Two (Click here for vacancy announcement)
  • Membership – Jerry Arca, Julie LeClair and Wendy Tulee
Gaming Commissioners:

  • Contact Person – Jeff Faubion
  • Meeting Schedule –
  • Vacancies – None at this time
  • Membership – Rita Andrews, Roslynne Reed, LaDean Johnson, Frances Longshore and Gordon James
Budget Committee:

  • Contact Person – Victoria Pavel
  • Meeting Schedule – First Monday of each month
  • Vacancies – Two community representatives.
  • Membership – Yvonne Oberly, CEO Victoria Pavel, CFO Vacant, Director Representative
    Vacant, Director Representative Vacant, Council Representative
    Vacant, Council Representative
    Denny Hurtado, Tribal Member Representative
    Vacant, Tribal Member Representative
Head Start Policy Council:

  • Contact Person – Dorna Oliver
  • Meeting Schedule –
  • Vacancies – None at this time
  • Membership – Alex Gouley, Marcella Johns-Colson, Alexis Gamber, Vickie Crenshaw, Harmony Scott and Erika Rieke
Other Committees:

  • Head Start Parent Committee – Appointed annually in September.