Skokomish Tribal Council

Located:Skokomish Tribal Center
80 North Tribal Center Road
Skokomish Nation, WA   98584
Meeting Hours:   Every Wednesday, 2pm to Approx. 5 pm
Phone: (360) 426-4232 x.2036
Fax: (360) 877-9377

Placed on Tribal Council Agenda

To be placed on the Tribal Council Agenda, you need to submit in writing supporting documents that you will be presenting at the meeting to the Council’s Executive Secretary by noon the Friday two weeks prior to the Tribal Council Meeting in which you wish materials to be presented.  If received after that time, the item will be scheduled for the following Tribal Council agenda. Please include how much time you think it will require.  Otherwise 5 minutes will be allotted for your agenda item. Media and reporters must request approval before attendance.   Meetings are held Bi-weekly on Wednesday. 

Darlyn Warren, Executive Secretary:               
Office PH:      (360) 426-4232  x 2036
Cell PH:          (360) 490-8765

Mission Statement

To promote, for present and future generations, an independent, sovereign nation that preserves the traditional values, and treaty rights of the Twana people. The Skokomish Tribal Council will provide leadership to create a self-sufficient Skokomish Nation, owned and controlled by members who are grounded in their culture, addiction free, knowledgeable.

Summary of Services

The Tribal Council Members will support and uphold the Constitution, By-laws, Codes and Ordinances of the Skokomish Tribe; that will in all respects faithfully and fully performs the duties of office as a Skokomish (Tribal Council Member or General Council President) for the Skokomish Indian Tribe of the Skokomish Reservation.

June 2011 June 2012 Tribal Council Members

Position Council Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Chairman Charles "Guy" Miller 360-490-6679
Council Vice-Chair Joseph Pavel 360-490-7954
Council Secretary Alex Gouley 360-490-2768
Council Member Terri Twiddy-Butler 360-463-8689
Council Member Tim “Wiggs” LeClair 360-490-6675
Council Member Annette Smith 360-463-2844
Council Member Lawrence Wilbur
General Council President Gilanne "Sissy" Delacruz 360-463-8697
Executive Secretary Darlyn Warren 360-426-4232 x.2036

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