Tuwaduq Family Services

Located: Tuwaduq Family Services 561 North Tribal Center Road Skokomish Nation, WA 98584

Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am. to 5 pm.
Phone: (360) 426-7788 Fax: (360) 877-6585


Tuwadug Family

Mission Statement

  • Tuwaduq Family Services is dedicated to the promotion of social, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the present and future generations; building toward an independent, healthy nation that preserves the traditional values, culture and customs of the Tuwaduq people. Tuwaduq Family Services will provide programs and services to children, youth, families and community designed to create a self-reliant and self-
    sufficient Skokomish Tuwaduq Nation.

Our goal is to develop wrap around programs that provide an array of services in one facility. We are creating a circle of care system that addresses multiple issues an individual or family may experience. The staff and programs are working as a team to insure that each individual and family receives the services or referral resources available to meet their needs.

Summary of Services

  • Social Services Manager – Administers and oversees all operations within the Social Services Department, including authorizing all contracts, agreements, referral transactions, and budget expenditures. Is responsible for the day-to-day supervision of personnel and program planning.
  • Administrative Assistant / Office Manager – Provides administrative assistance to the Director and Social Services Staff and programs. Responsible for the department’s overall administrative efforts, setting-up and organizing workspace and obtaining all the necessary logistical and office equipment and supplies for the staff.
  • Indian Child Welfare – Provides services to ensure the health and safety of children. The primary goal of ICW is to preserve families and give children the opportunity to live and grow in a supportive and well environment. ICW provides investigative services of child abuse and neglect. ICW provides community education that strengthens families and incorporates best practice models that respect and incorporate cultural and traditional values. Provides outreach, community education, support groups and parenting education.
  • Family Violence – Provides victims of violence support through advocacy, emergency shelter and necessities. Community education and prevention of domestic and family violence, follow-up, home visits, phone contacts with clients, continued advocacy that may include court appearances with the victims and provides referrals to other resources.
  • Community Health Representative – Provides support services to all Social Service staff by providing transportation for clients, outreach and home visits.
  • Youth D/A Prevention Program – Implements many prevention programs including the summer recreation program, after school activities and sports and recreation throughout the year. Organizes field trips and assists in community events. This program consists of a Youth D/A Prevention Specialist, two Community Involvement Specialists and a Youth Prevention Coordinator/Alcohol Drug counselor trainee.
  • Skokomish Youth Council – This program is over seen by the Youth Prevention Coordinator/Alcohol Drug Counselor Trainee. SYC is currently a 17-member council with officers and bylaws that promote youth community involvement. SYC designs and implements programs and events that promote healthy leadership and prepares the next generation for their role as our next leaders.
  • Skill Builders Program – This program is made up of 6 master level clinicians that provides children counseling through a mental health model that promotes social, emotional, self-esteem, communication and conflict resolution skills in our public school, Head Start program and Education Department.
  • Garden Project- Provides organic fresh vegetables for community elders and all other community members who may need fresh vegetables. The project employs one master gardener, one community elder and four youth workers.


Position Staff Member Telephone/Extension E-Mail
Tuwaduq Family Services Manager Rosetta LaClair 360-426-7788 x.2314 rlaclair@skokomish.org
Admin Assistant/Receptionist Donna LeClair 360-426-7788 x.2300 dleclair@skokomish.org
Rural Domestic Violence Coordinator Vacant 360-426-7788 x.2307
Domestic Violence Program Assistant Vacant 360-426-7788 x.2306
General Assistance Program Coordinator Jennie Strong 360-426-7788 x.2319 jstrong@skokomish.org
ICW Case Worker Alretta Howard 360-426-7788 x2301 ahoward@skokomish.org
Vocational Rehabilitation Intake Counselor Rosetta LaClair 360-426-7788 x. 2314 rlaclair@skokomish.org
Vocational Rehabilitation Coordinator Carol Cordova 360-426-7788 x.2317 ccordova@skokomish.org
ICW Caseworker Linda Charette 360-426-7788 x. 2310 lcharette@skokomish.org